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Help me with this triop egg! PLEASE READ IT IF YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!?

Question by : Help me with this triop egg! PLEASE READ IT IF YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!?
Ok,So a year ago i bought some triops and i was about to trow the kit away couse i already used it and my my sister killed them when they were babies.And i fould 1 more egg on the lid and its this little spec that is white.How can i make it grow into a triop?What do i need.i still have the stuff like the magnified glass and the tank and i have a 10 gallon fish tank with a heater and some other fish .I have a red tailed shark,Three shrimp,2 baby snails,2 kulie loaches and they are orange and black.And i have a albino fish and i have 2 bullfrog tadpoles and i have alot of plants but fake and lava rocks and rocks.Tell me pls!!!!!

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Answer by Phoenix.
This is all you need.

Don’t try and hatch them in a fish tank, a little container will do great.

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Are my fish okay? help?

Question by : Are my fish okay? help?
I have 2 giant fish, their about 5 inches in length and 8 inches around the one is a black moor and the other one is a ryukin and I have a 300L tank and I have 2 pond plants in their and loads of stones I bought the tank second hand from a fish store and was apparantly cleaned properly and looked brand new the guy gave me stones that were apparantly good for the fish and easy to clean which I didn’t like the colour but what evers best for my fish I’ve had them all set up for a month and I’ve had to clean them for the first time and I’ve noticed little bug things like seamonkeys and triops are stuck on my fish and seem to be going under their skin? I don’t really know? I’m taking them to the vets soon when I have the money but can anyone tell me what this could be?

Thanks :)

I’m really concerned as they were £85 for the two and I absoloutley love them too bits! <3 Best answer:

Answer by Gigi
Um I think they have parasites when i was little i had the same problem with the same fish i just took them to the vet and they had to give them surgery next day they were fine

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Whats wrong with my triop?

Question by Princess: Whats wrong with my triop?
So Monkey(my triop) is about 6 days old. She is swimming around like crazy! I gave her a small boiled potato cube to nibble on and she is on and off of it(I took it out cause i thought that might be her problem). Did she over eat and thats what is making her swim like crazy or is it just a phase that small triops go through. also when she realized her potato was taken out, she will swim around even more than before! She will go to the spot where i had her potato and dig around there… i think she misses it.

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Answer by Crowntail Bettas World
Nothings wrong with her. She’s fine. Triops are naturally hyper.

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Q&A: Got a goldfish from a carnival. What can I do to keep him alive over night until I can get him a tank?

Question by Kate L: Got a goldfish from a carnival. What can I do to keep him alive over night until I can get him a tank?
Just won a little common goldfish from the fair, but it’s late at night and all the pet supply stores are closed. What steps can I do to keep him alive over night?

I have him in a Tupperware, and I added some distilled water to the water he was in. I figure that have less stuff in it then regular water.

Also, I have some triops food, can I feed him a little?

And if anyone knows of a good little affordable first fish pet tank let me know.
Also, looking at a tank like this:

I know it’s been said that they need a lot of room, but it sounds to be it’s because they just are really dirty. Would it be bad to have a fish in a tank like this and just clean the water more frequently?

Also, he’s about an inch. Dunno if that means anything

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Answer by Bizz
not sure about the food– but keep an eye on him.

as for the tank, nothing will be very cheap. dont get a bowl. to start out you could gett a 20 gal but if you got a 55 then that would be good. goldfish can grow to be about 1 foot long. so eventually you could build a pond and put a few more in, too. If you cant do that you could find someone who can take him or sadly keep him in a 20 gal iguess its better than a bowl :/

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animals and plants to put into a large closed ecosystem? bottle biology, must be both aquatic and terrestrial?

Question by Chris B: animals and plants to put into a large closed ecosystem? bottle biology, must be both aquatic and terrestrial?
it would be made up of 10 2Litre coke bottles and maybe a couple of the old mason jars if i can get them. bottles will be connected by pvc pipe to allow animals to go between sections.
must have both aquatic and terrestrial
must have both plants and animals living in each section

current ideas:
use 60% as aquatic
using elodea for oxygen production
using whatever small animals come in the water from the pond as well as to get bacteria?
guppies or maybe a goldfish to create waste for nutrients for plants? (what plants should i use?)
possibly cheat the animal for both sections using small frogs from the pond?
maybe triops or shrimp
snails to eat algae

what plants should I use?
types of insects?


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Answer by DrDontheTermiteGuy
Stick with simple plants. Add some compost for bacteria and fungi. Set it all up with the lids off for a week or more. Use what stays/arrives. It will probably not gain stability, so don’t fret if it cycles out of control and crashes.

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YOUTUBE Username?!?!?

Question by : YOUTUBE Username?!?!?
My name is Alex, short for Alexandria. I had an account called NeonBlackStars and I really liked it, but then my friends starting stealing my idea and used stuff like NeonBluePurple and NeonYellowSky and it really made me mad and I looked at the username in a different view, it’s not as cool as it was before. I tried DelightfullyUnpleasant but it was to long D:
BIO: My name is Alex. I am a girl. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. I’m insecure but show false confidence to most people. My favorite bands are nevershoutnever, black veil brides, the fray, the beatles, and sleeping with sirens. My favorite song is Mad World by Gary Jules. My favorite movie is Donnie darko, and really all Tim Burton movies. I can honestly say I’ve only been truly happy once. I’m good at baking, drawing, piano, makeup, and sewing. I’m fairly creative. I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, triops, and neon tetras. I am a vegetarian, and I absolutely love animals of all kind. Including snakes. I’m homeschooled, but I have dance class every saturday. Only friends I have are online, I’m quite shy in person. I plan on doing makeup, hair, nail, etc tutorials, vlogs, and just…. random fun videos I guess. Can someone help please? :3
Btw please no X’s or numbers, also don’t make it anything like ‘CutMyHeartOut” Cause I’m wanting to keep it for years to come, and plus that name is just not attractive.

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Answer by Emily

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i’m confused with my guppy!?

Question by : i’m confused with my guppy!?
so iv had a pregnant guppy for sometime now and yesterday i noticed that my guppy was no longer fat and her gravid spot had changed color but i could still see a tiny little black patch in it. so i searched the tank frantically but i found 3 completely different species of animals! i found 1 baby triops, 1 tiny little golden worm that shimmered but i lost it, i think my molly eaten it and i found some white tiny little worm that is attached to the glass and it is curling up and then un curling. i am really confused because theres no fry. but then when i woke up this morning my guppys gravid spot is fully black again! so i were wondering whats going on? thanks 10 points best answer

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Answer by Kirstie
It could just mean that she’s coming close to birth. If you haven’t already done so (or got one), buy a guppy breeder tank (it’s a floating plastic container basically with a V shaped insert that has a small gap at the base.
This is a complete necessity to have because if you don’t have this tank (with the insert fitted) the other fish will eat the babies. The insert is to prevent the female from eating the fry straight away. Once they’re born, they sink to the bottom of the tank, so you just take out the insert and the female. This needs to be done ASAP otherwise when the fry start to swim, they usually go through the gap and thus get eaten.
Make sure you have some fry food ready for when they’re born, they can’t have crumbled flakes for quite some time.
Hope this helps

Good luck

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Do I have too many pets?

Question by Cassiddii’: Do I have too many pets?
pepper-cat-shelter 04
alex-cat-found dumped 04
chester-cat-found stray in woods 08 (june)
chrissy-dog-free puppy-02
waggles-dog-free puppy-97
scooter-dog-found running around the neighborhood with wire stuck in fur and when he put his head down it poked him(OUCH) he was a maggled mess
Kiki-parakeet-my sis wanted a pet of her own-07
triop eggs-triops-christmas present-dec.25 08

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Answer by dealexpert
I think so. But as long as you have the room and the money to shelter and feed them all you are fine. It’s great you care about animals this much.

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how long does it take for sea monkeys to grow?

Question by samfjmj 345121mmdmc3kekcjch3efy3: how long does it take for sea monkeys to grow?
i had sea monkeys and its been 2 weeks since i put them in and all i see is little things swimming around about the size of a millimeter or a half of a millimeter so how long will it take to get full grown. is it a glitch and they wont grow. I heard that they can live 2 years so maybe it takes longer to grow then triops because they only live for 2 weeks or 3 weeks but they grow fast but maybe since the sea monkeys live for 2 years they take a wile to grow. so how long does it take

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Answer by Ferret Guy
Look Here:

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who could i contact to find a wild population of sompthing?

Question by keo: who could i contact to find a wild population of sompthing?
I live on Oahu Hawaii, I’m looking for a specific species of fresh water crustation that is listed as livening in Hawaii, however aside from the sentence that the species can be found here there’s no other information, so does anyone know who I would contact to find out more information?

I was thinking maybe the state department of agriculture as they deal with the import and export of animals in the state.

Specifically I’m looking for the location of a wild population of triops longicaudatus which is considered a pest in Hawaii and is no ware near being endangered, so there shouldn’t be any reason collecting them would be illegal except maybe being on private property. But as stated before I can’t find any information other them there here,

I’ve already asked around my collage professors in the science department and no one had any information.

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Answer by oikos
Try contacting the state fish commission or the Dept. of Environmental Protection. Alternatively, ask at a natural history museum.

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