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How to raise the triops?

How to raise the triops?

The most important success factors of the triops shrimp is their rapid development and growth. Their fertility is always partial pressure of oxygen and temperature, so small changes in the atmosphere affect the number of eggs, one of their special season.

Reproduction and Development:

Reproduction of Triops is completely different, most people do not live female or male. You’ll find pools in the northern hemisphere are predominantly female-dominated and we towards the South, we find that the pool is predominantly male. Therefore, the most common strategy of reproduction from unfertilized eggs is called parthenogenesis. However, there are many strategies have shown that the population of Triops men and women according to the availability of the species.

The eleventh leg of the woman who turns into a bag of eggs, where they were detained for several hours. These two assessment center will be able to accommodate an equal number of eggs. Egg is released, but despite all the clusters of eggs laid random bag at the same time it was issued. The fecundity of Triops is very high, you can put more than 1,000 eggs. The egg shell is very thick and can withstand drought and frost, so that survive from one season to another. These eggs should be completely dry before entering the water door. These eggs can remain in the range of the state almost 20 years. Some eggs hatch in a few days, however, some did not hatch in the soil for many years. This is an effective way of tadpole shrimp to maintain its population and their variety. Eggs may be the characteristics of the population lives, have died in natural disasters, and even the dinosaurs 65 million years ago