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Triops Tank

What kind of container can be used?

Any clean glass or plastic containers to store food or liquids, so that light can do. Important that the container no soap residue, because it is toxic Triops. fish tank is the most flexible, but you can use the old jar of pickles!

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Triops are primarily residents of bottom-dwelling, which they spend most of their time rooting through the debris on the bottom of the pool / container looking for good things to eat, rather than in open water swimming about. Length and width dimensions of the container, well below the depth is more important. For example, if you are looking for a choice between a 70 liters (17 gallons UK, 20 U.S. gallons) aquarium and a tall, follow along.

What size container do I need?
The container must be at least 4 liters (1 gallon) in size, if possible. Any adult Triops need 2-4 liters of water for optimum population density. If you can not give them a larger container, do not worry too much. The Triops will be lower than it otherwise, and the number of eggs per person will be reduced, but still in good health.

Despite their reputation, damage to other Triops Triops few similar size, you can use other food products. Influence of population density in both tail was completed and T. granarius Triops Triops and get along very well, regardless of age until their population density. These studies also show that reasonable, high density does not directly affect the vitality, the same proportion of any given length of survival of the population.

However, the evidence heard that the competition for resources from the owners Triops has also led to death within the first 2-3 weeks of “comfort” of population density. It is often difficult to determine whether the impact of research in science, represents the general situation or the result of artificial restrictions imposed. In this case, my heart that the rights of the owners. I myself witnessed a sharp crabs is as members of a large population to reach breeding size – this may be a natural way not to take resources from those most of the next generation.