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Do you know triops?

Do you know triops?  if you have no idea, we arrive at the right place. Triops sometimes referred to as shielding or Dinosaur shrimp and tadpoles. These small crustaceans, especially in brackish or freshwater. These tiny creatures are gill group. You can leave in the toy and pet shops, and some vendors call it ‘living fossil’. The kit of these Triops look like ‘sea monkeys.

As mentioned earlier, Triops also known as dinosaur shrimp. Entirely suitable for their nickname, because the very small crustaceans about 220 million years. In fact, Triops cancriformis is the oldest animal species known today, and their fossils can be traced, according Paleozoic Carboniferous. So that means when dinosaurs roaming the earth, Triops already exists.

Triops introduction

Triops, also known as tadpoles, dinosaurs or shield shrimp, is a group of small crustaceans found in the gill group of the Provisional Institutions of fresh water or sea water. Sometimes they are sold ‘as laid down in the sea monkey toy shops, they are often called “living fossil”.
The name is well deserved, this is indeed the old group remained almost unchanged for 300 million years. The oldest dates from the Carboniferous Paleozoic fossil Triops and oldest animal species living in the world is the European Triops, Triops cancriformis.
T.cancriformis fossils date back 200 million years ago, in the late Triassic. About Triops swimming pool water in the first dinosaurs walked the earth, and now after 6500 years, the last dinosaur breath in Triops are still here!
When Triops here, the earth has undergone numerous changes. “Land has gone from a single super-continent, Pangu, now seven continents.
A round of cold weather, heat, go back many, many times. Almost all animal species alive today has evolved from Triops appears on the scene. Thousands more species evolution of time, a booming place, and to promote exinct some reason.
Triops existing all.They through it is, in every sense of the word miracle creatures and special adaptation. They not only survive, though. Today, Triops be found on all continents, as well Anarctica and at least 15 known varieties.
The most common species Triops Triops American counter you can buy is a long queue (although other species are often sold on online auction sites). This is a more golden color of an animal, the overall growth of a little ‘less than cancriformis Triops, needs a touch of hot water temperature, but a lot of young people living in the fossil record. Can be traced back to the Cretaceous, Maastrichtian (about 70 billion years).
cancriformis Triops have seen in the wild up to 11 cm (4.5 “) long (excluding tail). But most often see this species in the reservoir of 8 cm (3”) long. Tail will grow by an average of Triops 6 cm (2.5 “) in a tank
Triops live in temporary ponds (also known as spring, no guidance or temporary pools), usually occur during the rainy season or floods. As a general rule, the species Triops can often find a warm place, shorter than the common pool, especially where there are Lepidurus cold pool rules more durable. It is not only possible for a given pool of recent weeks to dry completely before it could take years, even decades, into the water again, if erratic rainfall. Like the original biological respiratory gills can survive these conditions, have suffered over the eons many other species are not.