Do I have too many pets?

Question by Cassiddii’: Do I have too many pets?
pepper-cat-shelter 04
alex-cat-found dumped 04
chester-cat-found stray in woods 08 (june)
chrissy-dog-free puppy-02
waggles-dog-free puppy-97
scooter-dog-found running around the neighborhood with wire stuck in fur and when he put his head down it poked him(OUCH) he was a maggled mess
Kiki-parakeet-my sis wanted a pet of her own-07
triop eggs-triops-christmas present-dec.25 08

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Answer by dealexpert
I think so. But as long as you have the room and the money to shelter and feed them all you are fine. It’s great you care about animals this much.

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  • Rozu:

    define “too many”

    as long as you and your pets are happy i think everything fine

  • Mariel:

    if you can take care of all of them, it’s not too many. looks like you are picking up a lot of loose ends others have left. it’s a good thing that there are people like you in this world.

  • chrissysgal_07:

    As long as you have the room for them and the money to look after them I dont think you have too many pets. You sound like you are a lovely person for saving the rescued animals.
    I myself have a collie dog who was dumped with barbed wire wrapped around her neck, a parson jack russell who was going to be shot.
    Also 3 bunnies, 1 who was dumped in a field in a locked hutch with 30 other rabbits!
    22 guinea pigs, some who are rescued from a place where they werent handled for over 2 years and were in an aweful state when they arrived here.[They live in a run in our outbuilding that measures 12ft X 4ft and they also have a run in the garden when the weather is favourable, which is 12ft round. And 2 cockateils.

    So no I dont think you have too many lol

  • samantha:

    if you have enough time, money, and patients to deal with them all and they are all alive and well then i dont see why you would have too many. if they are being rejected or not played with daily, thats when it gets to be too much.

  • :):

    If you can care for all of them then you probably don’t have too many. Good job giving strays a nice shelter!!

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