how do you make a ‘fossil’ from plaster of paris?

Question by corkymybottles: how do you make a ‘fossil’ from plaster of paris?
My child (7yrs) has this ‘triops’ (tadpole shrimp) kit, they get up to 2 inches long. When they die my child wants to try and make ‘miniature fossils’ out of their dead bodies. I know it sounds gross! She’s really into science and likes to combine it with ‘art’. We have NO idea where to even start.. Any suggestions? (Personally i thousght we could just feed them to the cats, my daughter doesn’t think that’s a good idea)

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Answer by hellooscar
burn it.

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  • ak062003:

    take a half gallon mil carton and cut it so you are left with the bottom square of the carton still in tact. Cut it about 2 or 3 inches From the bottom. line the mold with plastic wrap and then fill about 2/3 full. Cover the top of plaster with plastic then press the shrimp into the plaster. Let it set then remove. If the plaster doesn’t fall right out of the carton you can cut the carton and then separate from the plastic. I don’t think it will be perfect because its not really a fossil but I think it will look pretty cool. Good Luck

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