how long do triops live?

Question by huskyowner22: how long do triops live?
triops are fish that grow a centimetre and i was wondering how long they live :^[

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Answer by syndi g
50 to 90 days

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  • Rachel:

    they are not fish and they do not grow a centimetre.
    on average the are expected to live for 90days, but the tanks they provide you in the triops kits are too small to balance the right water parameters needed to support life, they often dont live that long.
    triops are crustaceans and they can grow up to 11cm, though 6-8 is typical in a tank, there are different types of triops, and some live longer than others, some grow bigger than others.

  • zack:

    I had some the lived (since i had alot) 40-146 days sad to because my last one die 3 days ago his name was killi

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