How long does it take for Triops to hatch?

Question by トトロ: How long does it take for Triops to hatch?
I got some triops from a kit and it says that it takes 18-48 hours for them to hatch. It’s already been one day and nothing changed ? Whats wrong? Do I need to wait some more? Oh and it said to use spring water or distilled water so I used purified water (like you put it in the brita filter) Is it okay to use that kind of water ? Besides that I followed all the directions.
BTW it was from a Triassic Triops DLX kit.

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Answer by Ash
i had them and it took a week

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  • Tinka T:

    I think your doing fine. Triops are so small when they hatch it wouldn’t be surprising if you just over looked them. Just keep on following the instructions and you will do fine.

  • Aidan T:

    if it was a day ago you still have possibly another day as it says 18-48 hrs 48 hrs = 2 days and it has only been 1

  • Pixilady:

    I’ve hatched triops twice, and both times I only spotted them on the fourth day.

    You’re probably doing fine, and yes, wait some more :)

  • Andrew R:

    Home filters don’t get rid of all the minerals inside the tap water. They only get rid of chlorine, chloramine and iodine i think. Triops water have to have almost no dissolved solids inside like minerals and salt. Try getting some distilled water and putting it in a separate container then scoop or suck out the eggs and put them in the distilled water.

    Another reason why nothing hatched may be because of the water temperature. It could be too cold, they hatch at around 25-28 degrees celsius, and they might be too cold.

    It took me 2 weeks before anything hatched but I have the larger species of triops that take 3 times longer than the Longicatus species that people sell in kits.
    Just leave the water for about 3 more days and if nothing has happened then do the water change method that I said in the first paragraph.
    Your doing fine as I used filtered water and found out that my filter was broken. And I found that out the hard way by using it on my triops eggs…………………………………………………………….
    6 Hatched out of 80………………………………………………………….
    My filter was 4 years old so don’t worry.
    Triops eggs should take 2-7 days before hatching ( :

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