How long to triops live?

Question by cabonarakittie: How long to triops live?

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Answer by paintedrain2
20-70 days, if lucky enough to not be eaten by other triops.

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  • robbiehaf:

    In short “Triops have a relatively short lifespan of 20 to 90 days”

    From the web site, “Triops are crustaceans that look like miniature horseshoe crabs. Larger members of the crustacean family include crabs and lobsters. Smaller members are brine shrimp, fairy shrimp and Daphnia. Triops have a relatively short lifespan of 20 to 90 days and grow quickly to their adult length of one to three inches. How large they grow depends on the amount of light and food they receive. After hatching, they often double in size daily!”

  • Nate 1000110001:

    I had these a long time ago. they are really cool but I don’t remember how long they lived they all died at about the same time, I was able to get a second hatch by keeping the sand in the jar. I let it dry and a few weeks later added water and a few hatched

  • tyrsdottir:

    The package says 20 to 90 days, but mine never lived much longer than 20 days. They’re real cool tho. It was triops (for the kids *GRIN*) that got me into fishkeeping.

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