i’m confused with my guppy!?

Question by : i’m confused with my guppy!?
so iv had a pregnant guppy for sometime now and yesterday i noticed that my guppy was no longer fat and her gravid spot had changed color but i could still see a tiny little black patch in it. so i searched the tank frantically but i found 3 completely different species of animals! i found 1 baby triops, 1 tiny little golden worm that shimmered but i lost it, i think my molly eaten it and i found some white tiny little worm that is attached to the glass and it is curling up and then un curling. i am really confused because theres no fry. but then when i woke up this morning my guppys gravid spot is fully black again! so i were wondering whats going on? thanks 10 points best answer

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Answer by Kirstie
It could just mean that she’s coming close to birth. If you haven’t already done so (or got one), buy a guppy breeder tank (it’s a floating plastic container basically with a V shaped insert that has a small gap at the base.
This is a complete necessity to have because if you don’t have this tank (with the insert fitted) the other fish will eat the babies. The insert is to prevent the female from eating the fry straight away. Once they’re born, they sink to the bottom of the tank, so you just take out the insert and the female. This needs to be done ASAP otherwise when the fry start to swim, they usually go through the gap and thus get eaten.
Make sure you have some fry food ready for when they’re born, they can’t have crumbled flakes for quite some time.
Hope this helps

Good luck

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  • Kevin Whitty:

    i dont know

  • Mimi Randy:

    don’t worry you’re the best .

  • Parrot Face:

    If she is no longer fat, then chances are, she had her babies. With other fish in the tank, it is entirely possible that all of the fry were eaten already. She could have also had a miscarriage, which would mean there were no fry born.
    Female guppies can store sperm for quite a while. If her gravid spot is black again, then she has likely re-impregnated herself. Lots of guppies are not successful with their first batch of fry, it’s really nothing to be concerned about.
    If you want to keep your fry, then you should keep your female guppy in a separate tank once she gets closer to giving birth. You could also use a breeding net. If you’re keeping the fry, be sure that you have adequate space for them. Most pet stores won’t take fish that you have bred yourself, since they cannot mix them with fish they already have for fear of infection. Also, you cannot give your guppy fry away until they are at least 3/4 of an inch. This will take a few months. Guppies are not considered full grown until 6 months of age. They can, however, get pregnant before this, so you must separate the males and the females. If your guppies are overcrowded, they will not grow and they willl eventually die.

    The fact that you are seeing worms in your tank means that you have a lot of uneaten food in your gravel. Do a 30% water change and a gravel vac. This is something you should be doing at least every other week. If you are doing regular tank maintenance, then you might be overfeeding your fish. Only feed them what they can eat in 2 minutes, once a day or once every other day. (Guppy fry, however, need to eat multiple times a day. To ensure they are getting adequate nutrition, you should have them separated from larger fish.)

    Also, how did a triop get in your tank? If you don’t want it to become a snack, you probably want to separate it.

  • Sayed Sayed:

    Guppy babies, when born are tiny and resemble their parents in shape and form. The vast majority are eaten by the mother or by other fish in the aquarium. Only a few individuals, if any, survive.

    The white worms you are seeing are a species of worm common in aquariums that have an excess of uneaten food. This means that you should clean your aquarium by performing regular, weekly partial water changes.

    The gravid spot is not a great indicator of whether a guppy female has given birth or not. When a guppy is close to giving birth, she will be extremely fat and take up a boxy look. She will look as if she is about to explode. The gravid spot changes regularly at night and in day time.

    If your female has given birth, she will immediately become thin again. Her gravid spot may be present or not. Whilst giving birth, females act erratic and hide behind plants, heaters and filters. They take a while to give birth.

    If you see any baby guppies, they will be tiny and resemble their mother in shape. They will be a creamy colour and have tiny tails. They will usually be hidden amongst gravel, behind plants and in the corners of the tank. The best time to see them is late in the day when you perform a partial water change. You will see them dart around the tank as the gravel vacuum gets near them.

    Good luck!

  • Dan M:

    Parrot face is right on. Your guppy had her babies but the other fish unfortunately ate them. You found these other things because you were looking much more carefully at the tank than you do normally. Unless you have added eggs from a Triops kit, a Triops would not spontaneously appear. Nor would fairy shrimp another freshwater shrimp people sometimes mistake for a Triops show up without a source for the eggs. A shimmering golden worm could be a type of digenetic trematode that is sometimes found curled under the skin of fish raised outdoors in Florida. It requires other hosts like a bird and a clam to complete its life cycle, so it is no danger in the aquarium. A tiny worm that curls and uncurls could be a Hydra. They are not really dangerous to fish except very tiny ones that are newly hatched or born. If it had eaten one of the fry, you would probably have seen more of this animal since it is perfectly transparent except for just after eating and it is related to saltwater corals and anemones so the one tentacle you noticed was one of several attached to the basal disk that attaches the animal to the glass, which it prefers over rougher surfaces.

    The color changes in the gravid spot would be normal after birth. I have raised and sold many guppies mostly now over the internet and through local aquarium clubs although there are still a few independent pet stores left that will buy fish from local hobbyist breeders.

    I would differ with Parrot only about the breeding trap. I use Java moss and floating plants to protect the fry and put the pregnant female into her own tank about halfway through her pregnancy. The breeding traps can be very stressful on the female and you still need a a tank with no fish on the other side of the trap or the babies will still be eaten. Why risk losing the female to stress when she can be in the tank and the fry are not in danger from her because of the plants.

    With feedings several times a day and only guppies, corydoras catfish, and Nerite snails, guppy fry will grow up with their parents nestled in the plant leaves until they are large enough to venture out. This varies from strain to strain of guppy, In some you still need the nursery tank for each female.

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