Whats wrong with my triop?

Question by Princess: Whats wrong with my triop?
So Monkey(my triop) is about 6 days old. She is swimming around like crazy! I gave her a small boiled potato cube to nibble on and she is on and off of it(I took it out cause i thought that might be her problem). Did she over eat and thats what is making her swim like crazy or is it just a phase that small triops go through. also when she realized her potato was taken out, she will swim around even more than before! She will go to the spot where i had her potato and dig around there… i think she misses it.

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Answer by Crowntail Bettas World
Nothings wrong with her. She’s fine. Triops are naturally hyper.

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  • Lilly:

    It’s fine. It’s probabaly because she really likes the food and is going nuts for it. Dont give her more though, you’ll overfeed it

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