Q&A: What types of fish can I put in a 5 gallon tank?

Question by : What types of fish can I put in a 5 gallon tank?
Alright. I have a nicely set-up 5 gallon tank, and I can put as many plants and decorations in itas possible. We are pretty good at keeping fish. I breed snails and have even gotten to the point where I am breeding for color in mystery snails (albino, red, and black). My brother used to raise Gar, African Clown Knife, Red-Tailed Cats,and things like that but now raises different types of Puffers, Lion Fish, Clown Fish, and other salt-water fish. I breed Triops (which is SUPER easy). And I have my Beta who is around 5 years old; so, fish around here are pretty much spoiled too as if they were apart of the family. Then there is the Dragon Goby we have who is a weird little guy and our star gazer and lion […] Continue Reading…

Q&A: Can I keep a betta fish in my community tank?

Question by : Can I keep a betta fish in my community tank?
I have a 30 gallon tank with a variety of fish. luckily, I got rid of the aggressive Red-Eyed Tetra a while ago.
I have:
2 dwarf african frogs
2 neon tetras
2 sword tails
2 yellow mollies (?)
1 silver molly
1 algae eater
1 catfish (?)
1 red tail shark (shy)

One of the mollies and one sword tail is male. The (?) indicates that I don’t know the full name. (My catfish is around two inches long, has three sets of whiskers, and black spots.) I’ve successfully kept a Triops Longicaudatus until it’s old age before, and I was wondering what would happen if I added a betta. Otherwise, what other kind of fish would go well in the tank?

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Answer by jєssєYou probally could, but you dont want to crowd up the tank..

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2 aquarium questions?

Question by kil_edward93: 2 aquarium questions?
2 quick questions, i appreciate good answers

1.do triops and ghost shrimp get along?
2. i have 3 peppered corys, 2 male 1 female and the female hasn’t left her tube all day and is breathing fast, she shows no other symptoms and all other fish are happy as ever..is she sick or might she be laying eggs soon? cuzz she seems pretty fat in my opinion lol
the tank is 30 gallons and the PH level is good with a very nice amount of oxygen in the water, she’s the only fish acting abnormally

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Answer by CappuccinoTriops and ghost shrimp should get along but rember the triops have a short lifespan and youd be lucky to have one for 2 months

As for ghost shrimp they are extremely sensitive to stress and amonia which can make them hard to care fore

Her breathing fast could mean that she […] Continue Reading…

Q&A: Triop idea failed….need help!?

Question by Moira: Triop idea failed….need help!?
I was going to do an experiment (I use that term lightly) on Triops! The experiment was going to go like this: separating the batch of eggs into 3 groups and feeding one bloodworms, one the given food, and one fish flakes. Hurray, right? NOT
They didn’t hatch because the heat source is not was not adequate enough
that failed

Project board
Research paper

Getting more eggs and/or a more adequate heat source are both out of the question for now.

I was thinking of something on the lines of the aquatic field, but I’m not sure what to do?
Any humane ideas?

Oh also, the rules are very strict about vertebrate animals too

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Answer by JulieCan you get ahold of some planaria, or another type of worm? When I was in high school, I took worms and tested the effect of caffeine on them… just bought some caffeine […] Continue Reading…

Do I need anything else?

Question by : Do I need anything else?
OK! I bought this exact fish tank.

Now there is a small plant in there, and gravel. I have two Glofish and a snail. I am soon getting rid of the snail. I NOW know that Glofish need a bigger tank. So I want to buy this stuff
(the filter for the 10 gallon)

I want to transfer my Glofish into the 10 gallon, and use the 5 gallon for Triops. Do I need to get anything for them? Can they live comfortably in a 5 gallon? Thanks.
plus the 50 watt heater for the new ten gallon

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Answer by Charlie, Stephygood i am glad you are upgrading for them =]
now the thing is with danios (which is the type of species the glofish are )
they are schoolers and need atleast a group of 3 recomended 5.
now in your 10 gall you ocould get […] Continue Reading…

My RES is yawnin when he first gets out of water. It may be a respiratory infection, I can’t take him to vet!?

Question by CO2: My RES is yawnin when he first gets out of water. It may be a respiratory infection, I can’t take him to vet!?
I have an RES who’s shell is 3″ long and he is in a 5 gallon with a turtle dock, lots of water, and a UVB bulb. He was kept like this for his whole life. My parents say it’s unneccesary to take him to a vet, and non of friends can take him because I don’t trust them. Once I gave my friend some triops and they died. And my friends think turtles can be kept in a tiny plastic container with a bit of water and a small rock. He’s been yawning for the past few days and his shell is also pulled down and is chipped. He is fed pellets, shrimp, and krill. My parents say that in JULY they will […] Continue Reading…

help its a matter of life or death. 10 points best answer?

Question by : help its a matter of life or death. 10 points best answer?
today 3 of my triops have died and i only have a slight idea why. i know its not through old age since they’re only like a week and half old. for the last few days they havent been eating their food so i have now bought some new food but i dont know if their eating it. i only have one left and i dont want him to die. also alot of algea has been growing recently and im in the middle of 100% water change (i know how to do it properly and know he’s in no harm because im not adding him straight away and changing his water he’s in now to the one in the tank) please help me
Yes thanks for everything so far and I know 100% water change is […] Continue Reading…

what are other odd animals to put in my fishtank?

Question by : what are other odd animals to put in my fishtank?
just trying to think of some cool animals to put in my freshwater aquariums…
the only things i can think of are triops and crayfish… something other than fish unless theyre odd.
right now i have a little 10 gallon half moon tank. i currently have 4 feeder goldfish (about 1-2 inches a peice)(i plan to get rid of a couple of them if they dont die off) and a red wag platty. i know thats a tad bit much for a 10 gal tank but they seem to do fine. im waiting to get my own place then i plan on getting a couple 55 gallon tanks.

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Answer by TylerAxelotols / Mexican walking fish are good pets and arent difficult to care for.

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fishless tank cycling?

Question by soooooooobad: fishless tank cycling?
I had to “nuke” my 10 gallon tank because there was an infestation of cyclops and some sort of tubifex worm, which I believe was brought in by a marimo moss ball. after my Triops Longis died (they live about 2 months) I cleaned out everything (I only cleaned the filter a little bit, only rinising it lightly, to clear out possible worms/cyclops) I am aware that one should not fully clean a filter/intake.

anyways, after all that, I put clean gravel in there, and clean plants. I now have to wait for it to cycle though… although this is hard to do without a hardy fish to help out..

I did put my mystery snail, who seems to be doing fairly well.. I fed him an algae wafer, he took an epic dump and hopefully some of his waste will help the cycling process. […] Continue Reading…

why have i got so many creatures but only one triop?

Question by : why have i got so many creatures but only one triop?
all of the things in the water are not triops except my one triop will it eat them all or will they eat the triop one of them is a fairy shrimp but the other hop up and down but are not daphnia and they are some white and others are yellow also my one triop isn’t growing could you please give me a list for all these reasons please also if my triop does grow does it need to mate to produce eggs and how do i know if its male or female also can i buy cheap gravel or sand from the supermarket and also please give me the best possible answers and please explain as much as possible thanks.

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Answer by Dan MYou bought wild collected Triops eggs. Along with them you ended […] Continue Reading…