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i’m confused with my guppy!?

Question by : i’m confused with my guppy!?
so iv had a pregnant guppy for sometime now and yesterday i noticed that my guppy was no longer fat and her gravid spot had changed color but i could still see a tiny little black patch in it. so i searched the tank frantically but i found 3 completely different species of animals! i found 1 baby triops, 1 tiny little golden worm that shimmered but i lost it, i think my molly eaten it and i found some white tiny little worm that is attached to the glass and it is curling up and then un curling. i am really confused because theres no fry. but then when i woke up this morning my guppys gravid spot is fully black again! so i were wondering whats going on? thanks 10 points best answer

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Answer by Kirstie
It could just mean that she’s coming close to birth. If you haven’t already done so (or got one), buy a guppy breeder tank (it’s a floating plastic container basically with a V shaped insert that has a small gap at the base.
This is a complete necessity to have because if you don’t have this tank (with the insert fitted) the other fish will eat the babies. The insert is to prevent the female from eating the fry straight away. Once they’re born, they sink to the bottom of the tank, so you just take out the insert and the female. This needs to be done ASAP otherwise when the fry start to swim, they usually go through the gap and thus get eaten.
Make sure you have some fry food ready for when they’re born, they can’t have crumbled flakes for quite some time.
Hope this helps

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