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who could i contact to find a wild population of sompthing?

Question by keo: who could i contact to find a wild population of sompthing?
I live on Oahu Hawaii, I’m looking for a specific species of fresh water crustation that is listed as livening in Hawaii, however aside from the sentence that the species can be found here there’s no other information, so does anyone know who I would contact to find out more information?

I was thinking maybe the state department of agriculture as they deal with the import and export of animals in the state.

Specifically I’m looking for the location of a wild population of triops longicaudatus which is considered a pest in Hawaii and is no ware near being endangered, so there shouldn’t be any reason collecting them would be illegal except maybe being on private property. But as stated before I can’t find any information other them there here,

I’ve already asked around my collage professors in the science department and no one had any information.

Best answer:

Answer by oikos
Try contacting the state fish commission or the Dept. of Environmental Protection. Alternatively, ask at a natural history museum.

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