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Are my fish okay? help?

Question by : Are my fish okay? help?
I have 2 giant fish, their about 5 inches in length and 8 inches around the one is a black moor and the other one is a ryukin and I have a 300L tank and I have 2 pond plants in their and loads of stones I bought the tank second hand from a fish store and was apparantly cleaned properly and looked brand new the guy gave me stones that were apparantly good for the fish and easy to clean which I didn’t like the colour but what evers best for my fish I’ve had them all set up for a month and I’ve had to clean them for the first time and I’ve noticed little bug things like seamonkeys and triops are stuck on my fish and seem to be going under their skin? I don’t really know? I’m taking them to the vets soon when I have the money but can anyone tell me what this could be?

Thanks :)

I’m really concerned as they were £85 for the two and I absoloutley love them too bits! <3 Best answer:

Answer by Gigi
Um I think they have parasites when i was little i had the same problem with the same fish i just took them to the vet and they had to give them surgery next day they were fine

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Q&A: What types of fish can I put in a 5 gallon tank?

Question by : What types of fish can I put in a 5 gallon tank?
Alright. I have a nicely set-up 5 gallon tank, and I can put as many plants and decorations in itas possible. We are pretty good at keeping fish. I breed snails and have even gotten to the point where I am breeding for color in mystery snails (albino, red, and black). My brother used to raise Gar, African Clown Knife, Red-Tailed Cats,and things like that but now raises different types of Puffers, Lion Fish, Clown Fish, and other salt-water fish. I breed Triops (which is SUPER easy). And I have my Beta who is around 5 years old; so, fish around here are pretty much spoiled too as if they were apart of the family. Then there is the Dragon Goby we have who is a weird little guy and our star gazer and lion goldfish.

So, back to the big question! I have a 5 gallon aqurium with a very good bubbler and filter. The temp of the water is usually around 65*F-72*F (I believe that they should recieve nightcycles where the lights are off and the temp drops down a little). Most of the time, my room is around 70*F with the night being 65*F. I can put as many or as less plants/decorations as my heart (or the fishy’s) hearts desire. I would like more than 2 fish in the tank- but I just want something that looks nice.

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Answer by UshouldvPRAYDmor
Since your obviously experienced, you could keep many small fish in their. Neon tetras, rasboras, guppies ect, in small numbers of course. Since your going planted, you should definetely get some shrimp, I have a small colony of cherry shrimp and ghost shrimp in my 7g heavily planted tank with some tetras and rasboras and they are awesome to watch!
Good luck with whatever you choose!
Also if your considering planted definitely go with CO2 injection even for that size, as I have it in mine and the plants are growing like crazy and my glosso and hairgrass have even started pearling!

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Q&A: Can I keep a betta fish in my community tank?

Question by : Can I keep a betta fish in my community tank?
I have a 30 gallon tank with a variety of fish. luckily, I got rid of the aggressive Red-Eyed Tetra a while ago.
I have:
2 dwarf african frogs
2 neon tetras
2 sword tails
2 yellow mollies (?)
1 silver molly
1 algae eater
1 catfish (?)
1 red tail shark (shy)

One of the mollies and one sword tail is male. The (?) indicates that I don’t know the full name. (My catfish is around two inches long, has three sets of whiskers, and black spots.) I’ve successfully kept a Triops Longicaudatus until it’s old age before, and I was wondering what would happen if I added a betta. Otherwise, what other kind of fish would go well in the tank?

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Answer by jєssє
You probally could, but you dont want to crowd up the tank..

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Fish babies?? what do I do?

Question by ???: Fish babies?? what do I do?
I am breeding Triops to put in my 10 gallon aquarium BUT it seems like i woke up for a little suprise this morning…

The Anacharis plant I purchased from a pet store must have had fish eggs somewhere on it, because i see two little tiny fish babies (or at least im pretty sure they are) they have black eyes, clear bodies and long tails, they look alot like tadpoles but verrrry small

I cant put my triops in the tank or they will eat the baby fish.

Im thinking i can give them back to the petstore once the babies are old enough, or give them to a friend with an aquarium.

BUT how long would it be until the fish babies begin to look like an identifiable fish?

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Answer by Parker

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Q&A: fish question help?

Question by billy911111: fish question help?
What to get from petsmart???
im goin to petsmart today and i have 2 fish one fantail fish and a comet in a ten gallon with heater filter bubbler and rocks and i have 3 triops in a little bowl so when they get big what do i put them in should i buy asnother ten gallon for them or for my fantail fish what should i get them i only have fifty bucks so idk what to get i want to get a 20 gallon for my fish and keep the ten for my triops but then i need to buy all new accesories for my fish and idk what to get but my mom might help me buy something idk help plz

Best answer:

Answer by catxcatxx
move your goldfish to a 20 gallon, upgrade the triops to the 10.

goldfish are big messy fish and need as much space as possible! the comet has the potential to be 14″ long, the fantail (if it’s the fancy fantail type) can get to 8″-10″ long. comets do best in ponds and not tanks.

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I want a small pet fish.?

Question by hazel-eyes: I want a small pet fish.?
I want a small fish or underwater creature,(sea monkey,, triops etc.) but my parents wont buy me anything. Is there anyway to get one like a pet you can find in your backyard, or a way to convice my parents?

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Answer by william D
If your parents won’t buy you sea monkeys. Dang they are strict.

Try talking, make deals, do more house work, bribe them! You need to show that you are more responsible. They are probably worried that they will end up taking care of your pet.

Prove to them that you will take care of it. One way of doing that is to uphold all of your promise. Even “Yes I promise I will clean my room today” if you don’t …then how can they know you promise to feed the pets?

Good luck..

p.s the do more house work really does the trick :-)

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HELP!!Buy a fish tank? Where?

Question by Not_me_Not_you_Who: HELP!!Buy a fish tank? Where?
It’s my brother’s birthday is in less then a month, and I said I’d get him triops and a new fish tank! Well, I’m on a bit of a budget but want to get a glass fish tank but i’m stuck about where to get one! PLEASE help!!!
BTW, I’m in England. In the South East! HELP

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Answer by Sarah
There are tons of fish tanks in pet stores… everywhere, and if you live in a city or a town, then you for sure have one. If not, then you can look on Ebay, and Craigslist. If you are on a budget, depending on the quality of the tank, filter, and all of that, a 10 gallon aquarium would cost at least 0. Just go to the pet store, and ask.

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i want to add some to my fish tank?

Question by cshelbee: i want to add some to my fish tank?
so i have 2 neon tetras 4 male sunrise fire platys and 2 guppies and i want to add 1 or 2 triops and i have a big enough tank. can i do this

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Answer by Lauren
how big is your tank. Since i don’t know how big it is just make sure you don’t overload your fish tank so none of them die. I once did and all of them died except one. The rule is 1 inch of fish per gallon. If your tank is 20 gallons you can have 20 inches of fish. It also depends on the size of the fish. I really like guppies too. But make sure they can all coexist. Have Fun!! with your fish.

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Sand in fish tank gone cloudy.?

Question by Goluch: Sand in fish tank gone cloudy.?
I have a 30 gallon fish tank.
I brought a bag of bird sand ( i was advised by my local pet shop on this sand type ) i layered the bottom of the tank with about 2 cm of sand. When i filled the tank with water it became all misty and yellow. after letting the water settle for 2 days the water is still extremely cloudy and yellow. This tank will be used for Triops and other forms of shrimp. How can make the tank clear again with out losing the sand?

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Answer by Fish Man
You are supposed to wash any substrate before adding it to your tank.

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Q&A: what should i know in order to take care of my triop fish?

Question by shadow4444: what should i know in order to take care of my triop fish?
i have triops but i need to know hat i can use to help em

Best answer:

Answer by Betta breeder
Weekly water changes are the most important. Other than that, water temperature, size of tank, and not overfeeding are the basics. Also, having a good filtration system will go a long way.


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