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Help me with this triop egg! PLEASE READ IT IF YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!?

Question by : Help me with this triop egg! PLEASE READ IT IF YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!?
Ok,So a year ago i bought some triops and i was about to trow the kit away couse i already used it and my my sister killed them when they were babies.And i fould 1 more egg on the lid and its this little spec that is white.How can i make it grow into a triop?What do i need.i still have the stuff like the magnified glass and the tank and i have a 10 gallon fish tank with a heater and some other fish .I have a red tailed shark,Three shrimp,2 baby snails,2 kulie loaches and they are orange and black.And i have a albino fish and i have 2 bullfrog tadpoles and i have alot of plants but fake and lava rocks and rocks.Tell me pls!!!!!

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Answer by Phoenix.
This is all you need.

Don’t try and hatch them in a fish tank, a little container will do great.

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Are my fish okay? help?

Question by : Are my fish okay? help?
I have 2 giant fish, their about 5 inches in length and 8 inches around the one is a black moor and the other one is a ryukin and I have a 300L tank and I have 2 pond plants in their and loads of stones I bought the tank second hand from a fish store and was apparantly cleaned properly and looked brand new the guy gave me stones that were apparantly good for the fish and easy to clean which I didn’t like the colour but what evers best for my fish I’ve had them all set up for a month and I’ve had to clean them for the first time and I’ve noticed little bug things like seamonkeys and triops are stuck on my fish and seem to be going under their skin? I don’t really know? I’m taking them to the vets soon when I have the money but can anyone tell me what this could be?

Thanks :)

I’m really concerned as they were £85 for the two and I absoloutley love them too bits! <3 Best answer:

Answer by Gigi
Um I think they have parasites when i was little i had the same problem with the same fish i just took them to the vet and they had to give them surgery next day they were fine

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Q&A: Triop idea failed….need help!?

Question by Moira: Triop idea failed….need help!?
I was going to do an experiment (I use that term lightly) on Triops! The experiment was going to go like this: separating the batch of eggs into 3 groups and feeding one bloodworms, one the given food, and one fish flakes. Hurray, right? NOT
They didn’t hatch because the heat source is not was not adequate enough
that failed

Project board
Research paper

Getting more eggs and/or a more adequate heat source are both out of the question for now.

I was thinking of something on the lines of the aquatic field, but I’m not sure what to do?
Any humane ideas?

Oh also, the rules are very strict about vertebrate animals too

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Answer by Julie
Can you get ahold of some planaria, or another type of worm? When I was in high school, I took worms and tested the effect of caffeine on them… just bought some caffeine pills at the drug store, crushed them up, and did that. I found that caffeine slowed their growth greatly, but it also decreased the mortality rate.

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help its a matter of life or death. 10 points best answer?

Question by : help its a matter of life or death. 10 points best answer?
today 3 of my triops have died and i only have a slight idea why. i know its not through old age since they’re only like a week and half old. for the last few days they havent been eating their food so i have now bought some new food but i dont know if their eating it. i only have one left and i dont want him to die. also alot of algea has been growing recently and im in the middle of 100% water change (i know how to do it properly and know he’s in no harm because im not adding him straight away and changing his water he’s in now to the one in the tank) please help me
Yes thanks for everything so far and I know 100% water change is deadly but I am doing itcarefully and slowly as I’m doing it over a couple of days, it was instinct coz I initially thought it might be something in the water :/ I sure do hope he lives

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Answer by werewolf girl
i looked on google and it says their is no help srry :( although u could check cuz i might have missed sumthin

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Help, christmas gift ideas for my little brother and sister!!?

Question by : Help, christmas gift ideas for my little brother and sister!!?
I really need some ideas and its closing in so fast, because I have to ship my gifts as I live in NY and they live in OH but I cannot let my little siblings not get anything from big sister! So! What do you get kids that have everything? The 12 year old is easy, I have him taken care of and I got him some pretty cool things that I know he would never get like a Triops kit, some cool gadgets for his ipod, etc.

This is what I have. I have a 7 year old brother, he is a rugged little boy, he loves bikes, scooters (but has one of everything) he loves playing soccer and football, he goes fishing, he loves video games but I want to get him something original and something he will be surprised.

Also, my little sister is 5. She is a PRINCESS. She doesn’t like normal, 5 year old clothes, they have to look grown up, but what 5 year old just wants clothes? She likes barbies, and pretty things but what is a toy or something cool that most likely doesn’t already have???

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Answer by charlene
For the 7 year old: you could possibly get him some cool decos for his bike, scooter, skateboard etc. Or if he doesn’t already have it, the latest, tricked out version of a cool brand of bikes, scooters, etc. Srry this isn’t much for him but it’s all I can think of since I’m a girl:)

For the 5 year old: if she likes things like barbie, bratz (if she’s allowed to have them), littlest pet shops or things like that, you could get her a collectors item of it. Just make sure it’s kept safe where she can’t ruin it. Then she will be able to use it, display it, or whatever when she is older and more responsible ( no offense to her:) ). Or maybe some cute girly decos ( pictures, furniture, toys) for her room:)
Hope this helped a little

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Q&A: fish question help?

Question by billy911111: fish question help?
What to get from petsmart???
im goin to petsmart today and i have 2 fish one fantail fish and a comet in a ten gallon with heater filter bubbler and rocks and i have 3 triops in a little bowl so when they get big what do i put them in should i buy asnother ten gallon for them or for my fantail fish what should i get them i only have fifty bucks so idk what to get i want to get a 20 gallon for my fish and keep the ten for my triops but then i need to buy all new accesories for my fish and idk what to get but my mom might help me buy something idk help plz

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Answer by catxcatxx
move your goldfish to a 20 gallon, upgrade the triops to the 10.

goldfish are big messy fish and need as much space as possible! the comet has the potential to be 14″ long, the fantail (if it’s the fancy fantail type) can get to 8″-10″ long. comets do best in ponds and not tanks.

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Q&A: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Question by Cassiddii’: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
It’s the one made by the Smithsonian institute. It came with a plastic “aquarium” that’s maybe a quart, a little bag of sand, the triops eggs, a plastic castle, some food and a magnifying glass. I followed the instructions carefully.

The thing is…don’t I have to worry about ammonia buildup and whatnot? Why shouldn’t these guys suffer ammonia poisoning like any other invert? I can’t really do water changes on this tank since I’ll probably be removing eggs and/or baby triops if I do that.
What do I do without killing them?
I’m using spring water i got form gas staion is that OK?

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Answer by Willafred B
Are you talking about fish?

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Plz help me! i don’t know what to do and I NEED answers right away…?

Question by Teen_Author :): Plz help me! i don’t know what to do and I NEED answers right away…?
Ok, I have just gotten triops and did everything the box told me to. (i put spring water in it, heated it to the triops zone, and let in natural light all day long.) I am just on the beggining of the third day hatching them and they havn’t hatched yet. The box does say “will hatch within 1-3 dayz. Should I stop worrying? Or will my triops not hatch :(
oh so they will hatch? Cuzz the temp. is at 26 degrees calcius/

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Answer by Darryl R
Wait till they hatch. I raised Triops before to adult stage and even had them breed. If you did everything right and the water is at the right temp, just wait it out. I don’t know where you live but if you don’t have a heater and the water is frigid or cold seeing it’s winter, they might not hatch.

Edit: I disagree on the poster beneath me about ditching the triops. Triops are 100% way better to raise than sea monkeys and you don’t see triops often. You can always buy sea monkeys from Petsmart under their true name of “brine shrimp”. Yet I have yet to see a kit or just triops eggs anywhere, including Petsmart.

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I need Help……………….?

Question by boont: I need Help……………….?

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Answer by Vegan4life
I have seen them in Hobby lbby, pet stores, and on the internet.

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Help me! which pet should i get?

Question by : Help me! which pet should i get?
i want a pet. my choices are
– turtle
– gerbil
– hamster
– mice
– hermit crabs
– triops?
– bird
– sea monkey?
– chinchilla
– axolotl

which is good on a tight budget, cute and friendly, able to keep indoors and doesnt require much room. please if you can put all the animals in order of ^^ and give reasoning!

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Answer by Not Telling
turtles are boring
gerbal hamsters and mice will bite you
crabs are boring and will claw you
wtf are triops????
birds will chirp and aanoying the living fuk out of you
i didnt kno sea monkeys were pets, were do you buy sea water?
and dont know what the last one is

you should find friends or a hobby to make yourself intertained

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