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Q&A: Got a goldfish from a carnival. What can I do to keep him alive over night until I can get him a tank?

Question by Kate L: Got a goldfish from a carnival. What can I do to keep him alive over night until I can get him a tank?
Just won a little common goldfish from the fair, but it’s late at night and all the pet supply stores are closed. What steps can I do to keep him alive over night?

I have him in a Tupperware, and I added some distilled water to the water he was in. I figure that have less stuff in it then regular water.

Also, I have some triops food, can I feed him a little?

And if anyone knows of a good little affordable first fish pet tank let me know.
Also, looking at a tank like this:

I know it’s been said that they need a lot of room, but it sounds to be it’s because they just are really dirty. Would it be bad to have a fish in a tank like this and just clean the water more frequently?

Also, he’s about an inch. Dunno if that means anything

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Answer by Bizz
not sure about the food– but keep an eye on him.

as for the tank, nothing will be very cheap. dont get a bowl. to start out you could gett a 20 gal but if you got a 55 then that would be good. goldfish can grow to be about 1 foot long. so eventually you could build a pond and put a few more in, too. If you cant do that you could find someone who can take him or sadly keep him in a 20 gal iguess its better than a bowl :/

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Q&A: What types of fish can I put in a 5 gallon tank?

Question by : What types of fish can I put in a 5 gallon tank?
Alright. I have a nicely set-up 5 gallon tank, and I can put as many plants and decorations in itas possible. We are pretty good at keeping fish. I breed snails and have even gotten to the point where I am breeding for color in mystery snails (albino, red, and black). My brother used to raise Gar, African Clown Knife, Red-Tailed Cats,and things like that but now raises different types of Puffers, Lion Fish, Clown Fish, and other salt-water fish. I breed Triops (which is SUPER easy). And I have my Beta who is around 5 years old; so, fish around here are pretty much spoiled too as if they were apart of the family. Then there is the Dragon Goby we have who is a weird little guy and our star gazer and lion goldfish.

So, back to the big question! I have a 5 gallon aqurium with a very good bubbler and filter. The temp of the water is usually around 65*F-72*F (I believe that they should recieve nightcycles where the lights are off and the temp drops down a little). Most of the time, my room is around 70*F with the night being 65*F. I can put as many or as less plants/decorations as my heart (or the fishy’s) hearts desire. I would like more than 2 fish in the tank- but I just want something that looks nice.

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Answer by UshouldvPRAYDmor
Since your obviously experienced, you could keep many small fish in their. Neon tetras, rasboras, guppies ect, in small numbers of course. Since your going planted, you should definetely get some shrimp, I have a small colony of cherry shrimp and ghost shrimp in my 7g heavily planted tank with some tetras and rasboras and they are awesome to watch!
Good luck with whatever you choose!
Also if your considering planted definitely go with CO2 injection even for that size, as I have it in mine and the plants are growing like crazy and my glosso and hairgrass have even started pearling!

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Q&A: Can I keep a betta fish in my community tank?

Question by : Can I keep a betta fish in my community tank?
I have a 30 gallon tank with a variety of fish. luckily, I got rid of the aggressive Red-Eyed Tetra a while ago.
I have:
2 dwarf african frogs
2 neon tetras
2 sword tails
2 yellow mollies (?)
1 silver molly
1 algae eater
1 catfish (?)
1 red tail shark (shy)

One of the mollies and one sword tail is male. The (?) indicates that I don’t know the full name. (My catfish is around two inches long, has three sets of whiskers, and black spots.) I’ve successfully kept a Triops Longicaudatus until it’s old age before, and I was wondering what would happen if I added a betta. Otherwise, what other kind of fish would go well in the tank?

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Answer by jєssє
You probally could, but you dont want to crowd up the tank..

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fishless tank cycling?

Question by soooooooobad: fishless tank cycling?
I had to “nuke” my 10 gallon tank because there was an infestation of cyclops and some sort of tubifex worm, which I believe was brought in by a marimo moss ball. after my Triops Longis died (they live about 2 months) I cleaned out everything (I only cleaned the filter a little bit, only rinising it lightly, to clear out possible worms/cyclops) I am aware that one should not fully clean a filter/intake.

anyways, after all that, I put clean gravel in there, and clean plants. I now have to wait for it to cycle though… although this is hard to do without a hardy fish to help out..

I did put my mystery snail, who seems to be doing fairly well.. I fed him an algae wafer, he took an epic dump and hopefully some of his waste will help the cycling process. Currently, the snail is hanging out on the glass near the waters edge, possibly cus the water parameters arent too good =/ Im trying my best.

Is there anything I could do to speed up the cycling process? I heard that adding some fish food to the tank is helpful, but also dangerous….wut?

I was at a LFS today cus I was checking out their African Dwarf Frogs, cus thats what I hope to put in the tank next.

The LFS guy reccomended “Prime” which apparently helps the nitrogen cycle and adds a slime coat? what is this?

I guess I can bring in a sample of my water to the LFS and they can check it for me.. but I just wanna know how long it usually takes to cycle a fishless tank (well.. besides my snail, which has a small bioload)

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Answer by sivracious
2 months average. Yes fish food will help provide ammonia for any bacteria to grow. The slime that prime can provide is really for the fish but also for the bacteria to grow with.

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How to keep my tank water more clear?

Question by ???: How to keep my tank water more clear?
Hi, I have a 10 gallon tank, that only holds 1 mystery snail and 1 triops longicaudatus (an invert about 2 inches long). I have a filter that uses pads for filtration and it is perfect for my 10 gal. I have a 50W heater as well.

Lately, I have been having a hard time actually keeping the water clear! I do multiple changes a week and I even cleaned the filter intake and everything.. Water is still not clear..

I am planning on re-doing my tank with some African Dwarf Frogs, maybe 4, and my snail.. I want to put Eco-complete substrate in there, some hides for the frogs,anacharis/elodea, and maybe some other plants..

But before I do that- I must ask how can I keep this tank water more clear? It seems like I am having a hard time doing so.. which is peculiar since there is only two small inhabitants in the tank.. I am currently using a sand substrate (which I rinsed very nicely before I put it in about 2 months ago) and I also have a rock which is aquarium friendly. I have Java moss on a tile in there too.

I think the problem is due to a bacteria “boom” (or whatever it is called) But how can I reduce that to make my…well… I dont wanna say cloudy or murkey cus it isnt THAT bad… but how can I make my NOT clear water CLEAR?

Will having my new setup with eco complete and more plants help keep my tank water more clean/clear? Thankyou!

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Answer by laughing
My tank was like that and I took everything out and scrubbed it in hot water for the longest time. I scrubbed the OUTSIDE of the tank with glass cleaner and it removed some smearing, and vacuuming the gravel out will definitely help.

I’d make sure your filter is properly filtrating as well.

I’ve noticed that when the water levels get off it gets really cloudy as well. Might want to get it tested. PetSmart does this for free and are generally accurate in my area or you can buy all the testing equipment yourself.

I don’t think bacteria is your problem, aquariums naturally have helpful bacteria living in there constantly. I do believe that the original water you’re using is cloudy though. I would suggest using some filtrated water and treat it, see if that helps? I know my tap water can get disgustingly cloudy at times!

Lastly, live plants do help oxygenate the water, but it can quickly cause algae build up when the tank is not having regular water changes and cleaned properly.

Good luck!

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Hornwort or eloda plants for my tank?

Question by ???: Hornwort or eloda plants for my tank?
Which plant is best for my 10 gallon tank filled with Triops Longicaudatus?
Which is more edible for the triops? (im not saying this will be their main foodsource, but rather a salad bar for them when i am unable to feed them, like when i am at school)
Will any of these outgrow my 10 gallon tank? if so, how can i trim them? can i replant trimmings?

will either of these make my tank cleaner? dirtier?

how can i plant them? i know hornwort is a floating plant but i have no idea what that means

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Answer by pipman23

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Aquarium heater for a 10 gallon tank?

Question by ???: Aquarium heater for a 10 gallon tank?
hi, i am new to setting up aquariums and for my first aquarium i was going to raise Triops.

since it is winter here where i live, my room can get down to 60 degrees F, which is unsuitable for triops as they need about 70-80F.

i found the 50 WATT VISI-THERM STEALTH SUBMERSIBLE HEATER which i guess is good for my 10 gallon tank.

can i just stick it in the water, on the side of the tank? or do i need to do something different?

Im just kinda frightened that my little triops will swim too close to the heater and get fried! hahaha


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Answer by ☁ Ryan Locomo ☁
I have the same one… its fully submeregable. As long as water is to the “minimum” mark.

(i have the stealth pro i think its a diff model

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HELP!!Buy a fish tank? Where?

Question by Not_me_Not_you_Who: HELP!!Buy a fish tank? Where?
It’s my brother’s birthday is in less then a month, and I said I’d get him triops and a new fish tank! Well, I’m on a bit of a budget but want to get a glass fish tank but i’m stuck about where to get one! PLEASE help!!!
BTW, I’m in England. In the South East! HELP

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Answer by Sarah
There are tons of fish tanks in pet stores… everywhere, and if you live in a city or a town, then you for sure have one. If not, then you can look on Ebay, and Craigslist. If you are on a budget, depending on the quality of the tank, filter, and all of that, a 10 gallon aquarium would cost at least 0. Just go to the pet store, and ask.

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i want to add some to my fish tank?

Question by cshelbee: i want to add some to my fish tank?
so i have 2 neon tetras 4 male sunrise fire platys and 2 guppies and i want to add 1 or 2 triops and i have a big enough tank. can i do this

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Answer by Lauren
how big is your tank. Since i don’t know how big it is just make sure you don’t overload your fish tank so none of them die. I once did and all of them died except one. The rule is 1 inch of fish per gallon. If your tank is 20 gallons you can have 20 inches of fish. It also depends on the size of the fish. I really like guppies too. But make sure they can all coexist. Have Fun!! with your fish.

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Sand in fish tank gone cloudy.?

Question by Goluch: Sand in fish tank gone cloudy.?
I have a 30 gallon fish tank.
I brought a bag of bird sand ( i was advised by my local pet shop on this sand type ) i layered the bottom of the tank with about 2 cm of sand. When i filled the tank with water it became all misty and yellow. after letting the water settle for 2 days the water is still extremely cloudy and yellow. This tank will be used for Triops and other forms of shrimp. How can make the tank clear again with out losing the sand?

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Answer by Fish Man
You are supposed to wash any substrate before adding it to your tank.

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