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YOUTUBE Username?!?!?

Question by : YOUTUBE Username?!?!?
My name is Alex, short for Alexandria. I had an account called NeonBlackStars and I really liked it, but then my friends starting stealing my idea and used stuff like NeonBluePurple and NeonYellowSky and it really made me mad and I looked at the username in a different view, it’s not as cool as it was before. I tried DelightfullyUnpleasant but it was to long D:
BIO: My name is Alex. I am a girl. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. I’m insecure but show false confidence to most people. My favorite bands are nevershoutnever, black veil brides, the fray, the beatles, and sleeping with sirens. My favorite song is Mad World by Gary Jules. My favorite movie is Donnie darko, and really all Tim Burton movies. I can honestly say I’ve only been truly happy once. I’m good at baking, drawing, piano, makeup, and sewing. I’m fairly creative. I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, triops, and neon tetras. I am a vegetarian, and I absolutely love animals of all kind. Including snakes. I’m homeschooled, but I have dance class every saturday. Only friends I have are online, I’m quite shy in person. I plan on doing makeup, hair, nail, etc tutorials, vlogs, and just…. random fun videos I guess. Can someone help please? :3
Btw please no X’s or numbers, also don’t make it anything like ‘CutMyHeartOut” Cause I’m wanting to keep it for years to come, and plus that name is just not attractive.

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